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Jocelyn Gibouleau

Margiric Productions, located in Laval, a 3 generation company of Gibouleau’s, has a tradition of excellence that goes back to 1945. It started with a chicken farm, but the land was converted into market gardening to better suit its potential at the time of the 2nd generation. Broccoli was first planted over a 10 acre lot. Then, followed a quest to find new techniques to diversify their crops and cultivate unconventional products. Peppers appeared on the scene in the mid ’70, then cantaloupe a decade later, as they proudly found the best adapted variety to (for) the Quebec climate.  From the ’90 as of today, the three entrepreneurial brothers, Jocelyn, Martin and Jean-François Gibouleau, are running a very dynamic company that has now 1000 acres of land in Quebec and more in Ontario and Florida, enlarging the growing season and meeting up to the needs of an on growing clientele.  

Auteuil, Laval

La place des producteurs