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Daniel et Guillaume Lefrançois

The farms Guy Lefrançois et fils is a family owned business of 4th generation that specializes in market gardening. Its mission is to cultivate fruits and vegetables of the highest quality, shipped as quickly as possible after harvest to their customers, preserving optimal taste and appearance of their product. The Lefrançois work in a careful and sustainable way: they use minimal pesticides and screen crops regularly to know the exact content. Varietals of fruits and vegetables are selected based on taste and preservation potential. Daniel is in charge of production and harvest, Marc-Olivier takes care of labor, stocking and sells in supermarkets and both Yannick and Guillaume do everything that has to do with the Place des producteurs offering maximum service and maintaining close relationships with all customers.


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  • Did you know that pre marinated pickles are generally very high in sodium? In fact, pickles do not contain sodium naturally, it is the brine that contains salt. By preparing your pickled pickles yourself, you can replace some of the salt with healthy aromatics such as herbs from your garden! Did you know that pickles […]

  • Did you know that cucumber is eaten raw … but also cooked? To add variety to your menu, cook it like zucchini (stir-fry, braised, etc.)! Did you know there is a difference between cucumbers from America and those from Europe? Indeed, the American varieties are rather short and stocky while the European varieties are long […]

  • Did you know that the melon that is called cantaloupe in Quebec is actually not the real cantaloupe from Italy? The one produced in Quebec and throughout North America is the embroidered melon (Cucumis melo var. Reticulatus): its bark is covered with sinuous lines reminiscent of relief embroidery and has no ribs. Cantaloupe melon (C. […]

  • Did you know that there is a difference in taste between yellow beans and green beans? Indeed, the yellow are sweeter, while the green have a slight bitterness. Purchase Beans are available year round in a canned form, but they’re in season from July through September. To choose well, go for the ones that are […]

  • Did you know that the watermelon’s flesh is an important source of lycopene? Lycopene is an antioxidant which has a cholesterol lowering effect. It prevents inflammation and prevents the formation of certain types of cancer cells. High levels of lycopene in the blood have also been associated with a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease and […]

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