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Donald, Dominique et Sylvain Joyal

The family farm Donald Joyal located in St-Marcel de Richelieu is the largest pickle producing and salting business in the province of Quebec. They hand harvest 5000 tons of pickles annually, in a time frame of 6 weeks, between July and September, operating 10 hours per day. 50% of that amount is sold fresh, and the other half is brought directly to the nearby factory for transformation into marinated, canned or frozen pickles. Their biggest pride is the thriving local consumption of this product, also put forward by many renowned chefs.

St-Marcel de Richelieu

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  • Did you know that pre marinated pickles are generally very high in sodium? In fact, pickles do not contain sodium naturally, it is the brine that contains salt. By preparing your pickled pickles yourself, you can replace some of the salt with healthy aromatics such as herbs from your garden! Did you know that pickles […]

  • Did you know that cucumber is eaten raw … but also cooked? To add variety to your menu, cook it like zucchini (stir-fry, braised, etc.)! Did you know there is a difference between cucumbers from America and those from Europe? Indeed, the American varieties are rather short and stocky while the European varieties are long […]

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