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ElphÈge joyal (1989) inc.


François Joyal

The market gardening farm Elphège Joyal has acquired 90 years of expertise in the production of pickles and makes undeniably the best dill pickles of the province. They offer different sizes of pickles all year round to meet the needs of all their customers.


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  • Did you know that pre marinated pickles are generally very high in sodium? In fact, pickles do not contain sodium naturally, it is the brine that contains salt. By preparing your pickled pickles yourself, you can replace some of the salt with healthy aromatics such as herbs from your garden! Did you know that pickles […]

  • Do you know the tomatillo? Hidden behind a thin beige film, it looks a bit like a ground cherry, but it is much larger. It belongs to the nightshade family like tomato, potato and eggplant, it is green, yellow or purple in color and its taste is similar to that of gooseberry or a slightly […]

  • Did you know that Quebec is the largest haskap producer in Canada? Since the start of this industry in Quebec in 2013, the production has continued to multiply. The province counts 60 producers, mainly located around the Lac Saint-Jean. Production reached 200,000 pounds in 2020, 50,000 more than in 2019. Did you know that haskap, […]

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