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Gaétan Trottier

Located on the rank St-Hippolyte in Oka, the Domaine J.M.G. Trottier, is a three – almost four- generation market gardening business. Gaetan Trottier went above high school level studies  to finally realize he was just as passionate about agriculture as his father. He owns a large amount of land, about 420 acres, on which he cultivates mostly tomatoes and makes organic maple syrup from his maple forest. Spending time in nature is the everyday bliss, repeat business and satisfied local customers is the second greatest gift. 


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Types of culture

  • Did you know that the orange color of the pumpkin reveals the presence of beta-carotene? Like other members of the cucurbits family, the pumpkin is rich in pro-vitamin A. Can you tell the pumpkin from the potiron ? Although similar, we can tell them apart by looking at their peduncle. The pumpkin’s is tough and […]

  • Did you know that the tomato belongs to the same family as the potatoes? In fact, the tomato is a fruit that is eaten like a vegetable belonging to the nightshade family! Did you know that the tomato comes from South America? It was discovered around the 16th century and named by the Aztecs “tomatl”. […]

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