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mario lefranÇois, jardinier


Mario Lefrançois

Mario Lefrançois has been a market gardener in St-Rémi for 30 years. He owns 90 arpents of cultivable land and specializes in squash, zucchini, eggplant and hot peppers. For Mario, agriculture is a passion at the heart of his reality.


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Types of culture

  • Did you know that the squash is native to America? Indeed, it has been cultivated by indigenous peoples for centuries. Do you know the two kinds of squash? There is the winter squash and the summer squash, allowing us to enjoy them all year round. The so-called “summer” squash, like zucchini, have a tender, edible […]

  • Did you know that moussaka is the Greek equivalent of our traditional shepherd’s pie ? Rather than “steak, corn, potato”, it is made with eggplant, ground meat (beef or lamb) and béchamel. Did you know that the skin of the eggplant is rich in anthocyanins, the same type of antioxidant pigments found in blueberries? Although, not […]

  • Did you know that chili peppers, the name given to the plant and its fruit, all have in common their spiciness? Indeed, the pungent flavor of peppers is due to a common molecule, capsaicin. But not all peppers have the same degree of heat. They are rated on the Scoville scale from 1 to 10, […]

  • Do you know the tomatillo? Hidden behind a thin beige film, it looks a bit like a ground cherry, but it is much larger. It belongs to the nightshade family like tomato, potato and eggplant, it is green, yellow or purple in color and its taste is similar to that of gooseberry or a slightly […]

  • Did you know that Quebec is the largest haskap producer in Canada? Since the start of this industry in Quebec in 2013, the production has continued to multiply. The province counts 60 producers, mainly located around the Lac Saint-Jean. Production reached 200,000 pounds in 2020, 50,000 more than in 2019. Did you know that haskap, […]

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