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Maxime Vaes

The Jardins Vaes is a fourth generation family business specializing in market gardening. Fond of nature, Maxime and his wife show entrepreneurship and take great pride in ensuring proper operation management while perpetuating over 60 years of tradition and know-how. Their mission is to insure sustainability and wealth while using modern technologies that meet the highest ethical norms for vegetable production and distribution. ‘’From our field to your plate’’, they like to say, as their biggest pride is local eating. 


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  • Did you know that green onions are often mistakenly called “shallots”? The real French shallot is a bulb, resembling a small onion, which belongs to the liliaceae family like garlic, onion and leek. Did you know that shallots have a milder flavor than onions? They are ideal in preparations with more delicate flavors such as […]

  • Did you know that celery is one of the lowest calorie vegetables? To keep it light and healthy, be careful not to top it too generously with the dip! Did you know that celery leaves are edible? Use them to flavor your soups, salads or your broths! Purchase Celery is available in all markets most […]

  • Did you know that carrots are rich in beta-carotene, an antioxidant pigment from the carotenoid family that has a beneficial effect on your vision, your immune system and your heart health? To savor the multiple benefits of carrots, avoid peeling them if they are fresh and scrape them rather than peeling them if they are […]

  • Did you know that lettuce, from the Latin Lactuca, owes its name to the fact that its species contain a white latex, lactucarium, –lac, lactis, milk – which drains from wounds on the stems? Did you know that adding salad dressing to lettuce increases its nutrient supply? This is because the carotenoids contained in lettuce […]

  • Did you know the onion was a universal condiment? The onion is found in kitchens all around the world. Its flavors, shape and size vary according to where it comes from, the climate in which it grows and the variety to which it belongs. Do you know why some people react badly to onion? Onion […]

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