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Pierre-paul et jocelyn trottier


Pierre-Paul et Jocelyn Trottier

Pierre-Paul Trottier, the father, Jocelyn Trottier, the son, form a duo of market gardeners that sparks great envy. The first represents experience and has strong observational skills, the second, has all the technical knowledge that school provided. It’s the combination of both that makes their business thrive. Pierre-Paul was a townsman and a machinist before becoming a farmer. He had greatly underestimated the work, but says that today he wouldn’t exchange for the world the relationship he has with his grandchildren or even with his clients that come all the way to Oka to collect some pieces of advice for their garden. The business produces all the different kinds and colours of tomatoes which are sold in fruit shops all around the province and for large quantities, at La Place des producteurs.


La place des producteurs

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