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Les fermes r.r. & fils inc.


Dany Rémillard

The Farms R.R & Son, is a well established family owned business located in St-Michel. From the start, 50 years ago, they showed true passion for the nantaise carrot. With their quality product, their human approach and their desire to maintain the relationship of trust with their customers, they quickly became a reference in the field. They are concerned about having good environmental practices and will always tend to better them by doing training and participating in different research projects. They work hard to protect our resources in order to leave a healthy legacy for the following generations. It is is this spirit that they want to continue to serve customers well and meet their requirements. 


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  • Did you know that carrots are rich in beta-carotene, an antioxidant pigment from the carotenoid family that has a beneficial effect on your vision, your immune system and your heart health? To savor the multiple benefits of carrots, avoid peeling them if they are fresh and scrape them rather than peeling them if they are […]

  • Did you know the onion was a universal condiment? The onion is found in kitchens all around the world. Its flavors, shape and size vary according to where it comes from, the climate in which it grows and the variety to which it belongs. Do you know why some people react badly to onion? Onion […]

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