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Réjean Chaput

Réjean Chaput’s mission is to produce  at a human scale and sell healthy local fruits and vegetables. He oversees every step, from production, to harvest, to sales, of his 1 arpent of land of multi colored cherry tomatoes and rhubarb in La Prairie, less than a half an hour South of Montreal. He is a perfectionist and works alone, but when it comes to commercializing his product he strongly cherishes the contact with his clients. At La Place des producteurs, he is also a vendor  for other small agricultural businesses.


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Types of culture

  • Did you know that rhubarb is not a fruit? Although it offers a tangy and sweet flavor and is eaten like a fruit, rhubarb is actually a vegetable plant, in the same family as buckwheat. Did you know that rhubarb was first introduced to Europe for its healing qualities? Indeed, rhubarb is a hardy plant […]

  • Did you know that the tomato belongs to the same family as the potatoes? In fact, the tomato is a fruit that is eaten like a vegetable belonging to the nightshade family! Did you know that the tomato comes from South America? It was discovered around the 16th century and named by the Aztecs “tomatl”. […]

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