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Types of culture

  • Did you know that cauliflower is a field vegetable and that each plant only produces one per year? Did you know that cauliflower fell into oblivion between Antiquity and the 17th century? Indeed, it was very much loved by the Greeks and then the Romans, but disappeared from the map until the Italians introduced it […]

  • Did you know that lettuce, from the Latin Lactuca, owes its name to the fact that its species contain a white latex, lactucarium, –lac, lactis, milk – which drains from wounds on the stems? Did you know that adding salad dressing to lettuce increases its nutrient supply? This is because the carotenoids contained in lettuce […]

  • Did you know that chili peppers, the name given to the plant and its fruit, all have in common their spiciness? Indeed, the pungent flavor of peppers is due to a common molecule, capsaicin. But not all peppers have the same degree of heat. They are rated on the Scoville scale from 1 to 10, […]

  • Did you know that the tomato belongs to the same family as the potatoes? In fact, the tomato is a fruit that is eaten like a vegetable belonging to the nightshade family! Did you know that the tomato comes from South America? It was discovered around the 16th century and named by the Aztecs “tomatl”. […]

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